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Whatever life throws at you, I’m here to help get your mind, body, spirit and emotion back in harmony.  Here’s how…

My Road to Reiki:  How You Can Find Your Own Personal Path

My Road to Reiki: How You Can Find Your Own Personal Path

Some years ago, I found myself stuck in a rut. The best advice I received was to take myself out of my comfort zone. Suggestions included learning a new skill to broaden my mind, discovering a new pastime to give my body time to relax, or experiencing a new...

Stress Relieving Savings

Stress Relieving Savings

In today’s digital world, we can do so much at just the click of button. But when you’re searching online for recommended treatments to help with stress or anxiety, it can be a little overwhelming. How ironic that a search for a solution to stress could be so stressful!

Finding the Balance

Finding the Balance

Life is a balancing act. Like so many others, I have juggled a successful career with being a mother and a partner, and like everyone, I have faced some challenges along the way. Sometimes life throws us a curveball which sets us a little off course. It is at these...

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