What is Hypnotherapy Plus?

Hypnotherapy plus is using multi-modalities; hypnosis, mindfulness, NLP, CBT to assist you in establishing what you perceive the issue to be that’s holding you back in your life.  Then finding out what it is you actually want instead of what you have, guiding you as you create a clear vision for your future and helping empower you to take the required action to move towards your vision.

The Purpose

Fear of failure, anxiety at not being good enough are just two states that can hold us back, sometimes for up to a lifetime, from achieving our desired goals/outcomes in life.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

The purpose of hypnotherapy plus is to help you understand where your fear and anxiety is coming from and empower you to start moving beyond fear to a place of inner acceptance, peace and trust in you and your ability.

“Health is the first wealth.” – Virgil

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