What happens during a Reiki treatment?

During your Reiki treatment, you’ll be invited to lie, fully clothed, on a massage couch. You’ll be covered with a blanket and relaxing music will be playing in the background. As Reiki practitioner I will lay my hands on your body in a series of hand positions, starting at your head then working my way down your body focusing Reiki energy at each of your chakra points (energy centres). A Reiki treatment generally starts at your head then focuses on the rest of your body. If you find it uncomfortable to lie down, Reiki can be performed while you sit in a chair.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

Reiki tends to feel profoundly relaxing. You may feel the hands of the Reiki practitioner become hot. Some people describe seeing colours and feeling their legs and arms twitching during the session. Some people fall asleep. Some experience emotional release. There is no expected experience. A Reiki treatment is unique for each person.

What are the benefits of several sessions?

Just like meditation and yoga, the effects of Reiki are cumulative. While one session can bring great change, repeated, regular Reiki treatments can lead to serious improvement. We all know: if you exercise for an hour, you will receive benefit. If you exercise every day for a month, the results will be much more profound. Reiki works similarly – regular sessions support well-being in every way.

“I cannot recommend a Reiki treatment with Jacqui enough.  From the moment I arrived she made me feel comfortable, explained the treatment and answered my questions.  Her warm and calming nature put me at ease.  I had the best nights sleep that I have had in a long time”

– Lynda, Edinburgh

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